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About ADS Reprographics

ADS Reprographics Inc. is a reprographic document solution provider for all your large and small color, and black and white projects. From business cards to banners, scanning and archiving. We offer these services for outsourcing on our equipment, or providing equipment with training and supplies for your in house facility at your convenience.


Facilities Management (FM)

Facilities Management is a concept bred from convenience. It isn't a new concept, however it has evolved considerably in the Architectural and Engineering community over the past five years. The primary reason for this is the rapid changes in technology. A company choosing a FM would have the benefit of current technology while being able to track and bill their clients accurately with relative ease. This formula works only when meeting the monthly minimum square footage charges for a FM contract commitment of one, two, or three years, as well as the possible transition into a lease or lease purchase.

ADS Reprographics offers a number of different FM plans. We recommend taking the necessary time to make a through evaluation of current operating volumes and costs associated with them in order to determine what, if any FM solution may fit.


Lease / Lease Purchase

Entering into a lease or lease purchase on new technology equipment can be of considerable savings if the proper evaluation is performed. There are some basic formulas used to determine the value of a lease or lease purchase compared to a FM type plan. The lease or lease purchase more often than not, offers more flexibility and the ability to generate a true profit center. Again it is important to determine the application and base the solution on present and more importantly, anticipated future business.


Decisions / Solutions

Before making a decision on the future of a company's productivity or expenditure, ADS recommends having our Service and Sales Department conduct a cost analysis to offer educated options that fit your needs. Every company operates differently, and in order to implement the most cost effective solution for your application, the cost analysis is primary to the formula. The time necessary to make the right decision is well spent considering the cost of today's technology. If you are interested and would like a demonstration and, or an evaluation please call us at 925-449-3486

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